Net Easy offers more services than you could imagine. We do everything from back end web development to graphic design. Learn more about our services below.


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Hosting Services

Net Easy hosting services are in SAS 70 Type II certified facilities (at a minimum). These facilities often offer six (6) or more Tier 1 carriers and generally have direct connections (1 hop) to transcontinental exchanges.

  • Backup Services (business data backup & DR) – Get a Quote
  • Citrix, VM Ware & KVM Hosting – Get a Quote
  • Colocation – $99.00
  • E-mail & ListServ Services – $9.95
  • Telephone (VOIP) – $24.95
  • Virtual Desktop Hosting (Windows, Mac or Linux) – $49.95
  • Virtual Servers (Cloud Computing) – $49.95
  • Website Hosting – $9.95

Information Technology Solutions

Net Easy does application development and systems architecture for voice and data networks across almost every platform.  Net Easy is vendor neutral but partners with many software and hardware vendors to produce competitively priced solutions.

  • On-site Service
  • Remote Service
  • Local networks
  • Hosted Networks

Phone Services

Cost effective phone solutions based on standards compliant technologies.
  • Voice mail to E-mail notification
  • Find me follow-me
  • Almost unlimited expansion
  • Programmable extensions
  • Soft phones
  • Remote staff
  • Call recording
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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Graphic Design

Digital Video


Search Engine Optimization

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