Google Analytics

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is Google’s premiere free website traffic monitoring solution.  

Before you can access your analytics, you need to already have created an analytics account and added the analytics script into your website’s footer.  See our tutorial on Enabling Google Analytics in Plone if you are using a Plone site.  Additionally you must have added a google user to the analytics account, therefore you must register for a Google Account.

NetEasy will happily create an analytics account and help add the scripts on your website for you!  However, you must already have a Google Account as mentioned above before you can take advantage of this invaluable Google service!

Accessing Google Analytics

  1. Goto the Google Analytics homepage
  2. Click on “Access Analytics”
  3. Click in the Account Settings overview, this step only applies if you are registered to multiple analytics accounts.
  4. Click on “View Report” in the Website Profiles Overview for

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