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Small Business Telephone Plans

Telephone rate plans for voice calls using SIP technology. SIP Rate plan.

$25/month/credential set
Credentials are provided per device.  Each initial device includes 4 channels which means four simultaneous calls (in or out).  Additional channels can be purchased at $20/channel after four.  Discounts are offered for additional bulk channels starting in initial group of 10 channels. 

DID is the phone number used to call into a voice system.  Generally one phone system can have an unlimited number of DIDs provided the computer processor and RAM configured can handle the amount of traffic planned for the system. 

Port Fee: $25/DID for porting into the system only.

CNAM can be defined or left with the DID in the caller ID and has a fee of $20/CNAM setting.

MRC (monthly recurring charge for credentials)

 Minute Rates Starting at $0.022/minute with all inbound calls FREE

Toll Free Minute Rates start at $0.049/minute with increases in Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States.

Rates plans are subject to US Federal price alterations on calling center connections.  This means that some calls could be assessed additional increase per minute when a call comes in from certain areas.  For example: a call from a older rural location may be subject to a rate of $0.027/minute. 

 NRC = Non Recurring Charges

MRC = Monthly Recurring Charges

DID = Direct Inward Dial (generally equivalent to a phone number in concept).

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