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Phone Solutions

Business phone systems with 1 to 300 users.

Both VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and regular PBX connections via PRIs, phone lines, etc. can be connected via Sangome cards,

 A standard computer with the Open Source Asterisk project can serve as your Phone System while saving you thousands of dollars. It can be configured to connect to regular phone (POTS) lines, PRIs, and Voice Over IP (VoIP) scenarios.

This scenario allows for least cost dialing plans and permits you to take advantage of great savings on Toll Free and long distance calls.

Almost any phone can be used with this system including connections to analog phones. This permits you to phase in new VoIP phones as desired and does not require you to make a huge investment in telephony equipment upgrades.

Neteasy is well versed in using many telephone brands.  However, some of the more consumer-friendly models we often recommend include:

  1. Polycom,
  2. Grandstream, and
  3. Snom.


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