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Aastra & PBX in a Flash

PBX in a Flash is a Turn Key open source PBX software Operating system / Appliance. It is all inclusive in it’s feature set, yet with it’s core Linux (Cent OS) code base expandability with new features and add ons.  One of the unique add-ons for PBX in a Flash is a joint effort project between The PBX in a Flash core developers and Aastra, to create a dynamic menu driven control system on their VOIP telephone offerings.  This functionality covers the whole range of Aastra VOIP.  This allows the end user full controll over their phone functionality directly on the phone including visual voicemail menus, call forwarding/follow me, conference room creating/joing, company directory, do not disturb, call queue join/break, Parking lot control, Intercom, and Call presence.

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