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Business Solutions, Strategy, and IT Alignment

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Business Solutions, Strategy, and IT Alignment

Net Easy offers the following Business Solutions:

  • Microsoft Integration and Services
  • Computer- and Web-based Training

Linux, Mac, and Windows Integration & Services

Offering Microsoft Solutions is part of doing business today. Our engineers are skilled in Microsoft products and services and can provide support in mixed network environments. Unlike many companies, we do more than just teach simple Windows management to our engineers. They’re required to have knowledge and skills in the underlying technologies that allow computers and networks to function today. Our engineers work with many technologies so they can best deduce problems and solutions.

Many companies can deliver Windows networks but lack the skills to understand the low level technology of the systems. We can offer improved stability with post market modification of hardware and software settings that protect your investments and improve efficiency.

It is our goal as a company to provide the best solution for each company or client. This means more than just selling a solution and installing it. We look at each situation to determine how best to meet your needs as a company and/or client.

Whether your network is homogeneous or heterogeneous, whether you use a Mac, Unix, or Linux machine at your facility, it’s not a problem for us.

Computer Based Training/ Web Based Training

Developing instructional content is a risky venture. It either turns into a significant return on investment or a tremendous waste of your money. Do you really want to risk your clients’, associates’, or potential customers’ time on a poor product?

Our instructional design experts are experienced in education and will carry you through the process of developing effective instructional content.

We are experienced with:

  • Story-boarding through Evaluation
  • Macromedia’s Authorware & Flash
  • Web or disk delivery

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