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Net Easy offers the following Application Solutions:

  • Application and Web Maintenance
  • Hosting (ASP – Application Service Provider)
  • Programming
  • Performance Tuning


We provide our clients with today’s best programming practices. We believe in compliance with standards based development and support numerous international standards organizations.

We deliver only stable and reusable code in a rapid application environment which saves our clients money.

We specialize in open source technology because it is more cost effective and stable. The saying “two heads are better than one” holds true in computer programming. Open source development allows programmers to share their work around the world which leads to continual review by literally thousands of developers. The results are that program bugs are discovered before software enters production, new developers learn more quickly and adopt best practices, and code is enhanced further because you have teams working together.

In the end, the product is more stable, reliable, and secure, and often more scalable, than what one company can produce behind closed doors. Additionally, adding functionality to software would be cost prohibitive for small companies if they had to develop everything from scratch.

It is also our philosophy not to reinvent the wheel. If something works the way we need it to, then we want to improve upon that project, not make our own version.

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