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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (starting at $49/month) give you all the functionality and flexibility of your own dedicated networked system at a fraction of the cost.  For example, some features of the packages include:

  • Full “Administrator” access
  • IPv4 and IPv6 allocation as requested
  • Custom bandwidth solutions
  • Self management or managed service option

This is combined with software licensing scenarios for custom solutions like in SPLA program so that clients have a monthly perpetual license expense vs. a one-time license expenditure.  For example: MS Windows licenses can be provided by you, acquired directly from Net Easy, or participate in the SPLA program for monthly payments based upon use of systems.

Couple this to the advantages of not having to purchase hardware, provide power consumption, battery backup and surge services, or cooling of the equipment and one can see the savings potential.  Did we mention the cost savings of having your IT staff come to your facility for hardware and even potentially software issues?


CentOS – Community Enterprise Operating System: The open-source version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Debian – Since 1993 the most popular flavor of Linux, for the user comfortable on the command line and the security-conscious administrator.

Ubuntu – Ideal Candidate for the Linux desktop scene & maintaining a VNC remote desktop.


Windows Server (any current version like 2008 R2, etc.) – Ideal for environments and networks that rely on Active Directory, MS SQL and other Microsoft services or software.  Net Easy can offer SPLA services so that clients pay for licenses as they go instead of direct out of pocket costs.

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