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Plans start @ $14.95/month.


Net EasyTM offers both fully managed and self managed hosted Content Management System (CMS) .

A CMS system allows for companies to create vast amounts of Internet content that is easy to manage and publish using a browser. Some systems support document management, version control and numerous other features in advanced applications.

There is the ability to have work-flows where content contributors and copywriters create content on the site that is not released to the public or internal company until the editor has completed and approved the material.

Designated users are able to login from anywhere, at any time, from any browser type. Our preferred CMS is extremely easy for end users and scales very large. It is often used as an Intranet or Extranet as well. The CMS also allows for content syndication as well which can then be shared across to your customer base.

Net Easy’s preferred CMS is Plone as it was the first large scale, quality open source CMS in the market. Built on Zope and using Python as the language, it has an incredible security record compared to the other CMS systems.

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For more information, please contact Net Easy sales team @ 877.740.EASY (3279).


Drupal walks the line between power and ease of getting started. [It] is built in PHP, can be hosted in a basic shared hosting environment, and provides a number of tools to allow non-techies to setup a website. One of Drupal’s strengths is its wide variety of a nonprofit-centric plug-ins, such as event registration, email newsletter and online donation functionality. Idealware Review

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) written in the programming language PHP. Drupal supports websites small to large, simple to complex. It is extensible with hundreds of modules available for download from drupal.org. Unlike many CMSs, Drupal uses friendly URLs.

Drupal runs in many environments, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Drupal requires a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL to store content and settings.

Contact us to learn how we can set up and host your Drupal site.

    Plone Hosting

    Plone is the product of careful, well planned programming. It provides a powerful, mature platform for complex, world-class applications, combined with strong ease-of-use for the content editors responsible for maintaining sites on a day to day basis. Idealware Review Plone is an open-source, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). It is standards-based and Section 508-Compatible. It is built on the solid Zope Application Server.
    We provide Plone hosting for as little as $19.95 a month. By running your website on the Plone platform, you will be able to edit your website easily, right in the browser, so no expensive software is needed. Also included are numerous modules, such as Calendar, News, and Events.


    Plone Development

    We can further develop your out-of-the-box Plone site with custom site design, custom site membership options (setting up private member sections for your members to access securely), custom Real Estate IDX capabilities, and much more.

    Contact us for all your Plone hosting and development needs.


      Designers are able to create complex, fully content managed sites, whereas developers can concentrate on creating the business logic for the site with snippets and modules, without interfering with the front end. 
      Implementing back-end functionality is so easy that designers can do it, leaving them to make the judgement about how page layout and design should work. Modx Review Modx is an open source content management system for publishing content on the Internet and intranets. A robust yet simple solution, modx is written with the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database. The complete segregation of content (plain HTML), appearance (standards-compliant CSS), and functions (PHP, snippets, etc.) is one of modx’s strengths. Modx uses AJAX extensively, and is one of the few “Web 2.0” CMS packages in existence.

      The branding of Modx is in transition; previously another logo was used and the name was spelled MODx. The logo used here and the lower case spelling of the name are part of the new branding. The Modx website will soon be updated to reflect the branding changes.

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