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$5.00/month starting price for Backup ($60/year).


Net Easy plans and implements data backup and disaster recovery solutions if the data resides on home computers, is the company server or an entire network.  Net Easy offers custom backup services so that your data is protected.

Net Easy clients rely on our ability to manage their entire network, consult in disaster recovery plans, develop and implement business continuity plans.  As a result of such services, Net Easy is clearly poised to both provide and consult in large volumes of data back services.

Net Easy maintained storage is in SAS70 certified data centers.  Since the data can be simple files to highly sensitive data ranging from medical information to financial records and accounts, Net Easy uses double layer encryption methods to pass data to our off-site storage locations.  The data is run through a deduplication process to ensure efficient storage and disk usage space to reduce costs with incremental restore points at times up to years of live data.

Net Easy backup process for custom business plans uses local encryption key technology which identifies the machines which are target via secure methods outside of the clients local facility.  Thus, no local clients software or passwords can be breached if physical layer access is achieved to the client premises.  In other words, lost laptops, stolen computers, break-ins, etc. cannot then be used to reverse engineer access to the data.

Net Easy is also an affiliate of BackBlaze services should one be seeking a local client install product for backup services.

For more information, please contact Net Easy sales team @ 877.740.EASY (3279).

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